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About us

Eljervik Farm
Øystein Eljervik is the 11. generation  farmer on Eljervik and toghether with Nina driving the farm and farm tourism.
The farming is pigs and sheeps.
Eljervik has a long tradition dating back to the 1600s, in the same genus.
Eljervik is the landowner to the tourist attraction Langfoss waterfall.
The farm has a fantastic location with Åkrafjords  best view to the waterfall. We offer accommodation and dining serving local food.
handicraft product of sheep's wool, leather and wood.

Langfoss Kiosk
Kiosk and sanitation conditioning on the picnic at the waterfall along E-134
Opening Hours from 1 May to 15. September. 10:00 to 18:00 every day.
Sales of souvenirs, crafts, local food, home baking, snacks and beverages.

Åkrafjord Guiding
Eljervik Farm started Åkrafjord Guiding summer of 2007.
Nina and other local guides are available for guided tours in the area.

Saltåno Kraft
Eljervik Farm has its own power plants coming on stream in spring 2011. The power plant produces electricity for resale and personal use.
“Saltåno,”  is a small waterfall within Langfoss. This conditioning with clean renewable energy will also be used to display for tourists.

This project will secure revenues also to future generations that will continue the traditions with farming.